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Imagine, once again you can move freely and easily - a normal everyday life. Go on excursions. Travel.
Don’t be constantly looking at your watch to be back home at the right time to take your medication.

Easy and safe. At home and on the move.

The definitiv thermobil regulates the temperature of the medication contained in it within a range of 4ºC to 38ºC with an accuracy of <0.5ºC.



The active substance in an injection pen or in a syringe is cooled to the exact temperature.


Control is performed by means of the control unit supplied.


With advanced M-2-M technology, many device parameters and the GPS position can be monitored online.


definitiv thermobil for use on the move, handy cooling unit for up to 8 hours of cooling.


3rd Health Days Schloss Bedburg

The Federal Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, can be seen during his visit
to the 3rd Health Days Schloss Bedburg (2017), looking at the thermobil system.
More pictures in our gallery


Refrigerated preparations and/or substances are to be found in many areas and sectors. Regardless of the area, the requirements regarding the need to refrigerate or to maintain the cold chain without gaps and to document it well, are high.

Here, too, Definitiv offers the solution: the possibility of transporting solid or liquid preparations/substances at a controllable and documented constant temperature between 4 and 38˚C in a mobile and handy form.

thermobil is suitable for the temperature control of injection pens, ampoules, syringes, vials, medicine doses, tubes and many other formats. The diameter of the temperature control chamber is 37 mm.

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